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Supporting children, young people and their families with promoting positive emotional health, self esteem and wellbeing. 


About Butterfly House

I am currently not offering 1:1 support at this time. If you would like email support/signposting to other services please do get in touch. Emotionally supportive activities and ideas will continue to be posted on my Facebook page. 

Butterfly House provides emotional health support for children and young people aged 4-18 years and their parents/carers. Areas I can support with are: boosting self esteem, anxiety, anger, friendship issues, school anxiety, fears and phobias, managing stress, toileting challenges where there is an emotional barrier and managing emotions generally. I can also help with learning to relax and how to be more 'mindful'. Butterfly House provides first line intervention in the hope that issues can be managed and resolved before the need for more specialist services are required.

Children/young people that are currently experiencing acute trauma either from a very recent bereavement or family/parental separation often require more specialist intervention.  I am able to provide support once the initial 'crisis' has passed and the child/young person is able and willing to process and talk about their emotions. 

Kirsty Dalton

I am a qualified children’s nurse and also a Specialist Children’s Public Health Nurse.  I decided to offer this service alongside my current work and family life as I feel there is a real need for more early intervention services for children and their families to address emotional health issues. I really believe that children deserve to have positive emotional well-being as it is vital to their long term health, happiness and educational success. Children and young people are capable of amazing things and just like butterflies, under the right conditions can grow and transform into beautiful young people if we nurture their emotional well-being throughout childhood.

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